The Earth——Our Mother(地球——我们的母亲)(转载)作文800字

The Earth——Our Mother(地球——我们的母亲)(转载)作文800字
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The Earth——Our Mother(地球——我们的母亲)(转载)作文800字是关于人物作文 - 母亲作文方面的资料,  People often say that the earth is like our mother. She gives life to all the living things on the earth and provides us with air, food, water and other essential things we need for living. 
Once she was beautifhl and rich, but now she becomes dirtier and dirtier, poorer and poorer. It is due to what we have done to her. Please have a good look at her: polluted rivers and lakes, growing deserts, the destruction of the forests and wild life, and the depletion of the ozone layer… 
Can she bear to see her children putting the waste here and there? Can she bear too see her children cutting down the trees and destroying the grassland, to see the acid rain destroying everything? Can we bear to see our mother suffering so much? Isn\' it time for us to ask ourselves whether this is the way to treat our mother? 
Floods, draughts, acid rain…,these are the punishments from nature. Everyone should know that there is only one earth, lfwe go on treating her like this, it won\' t be fit for us to live in any longer. It\' s time for us to love her, take good care of her and cure her. We should save the earth so as to save ourselves.  本文来自
 译文:   地球——我们的母亲 
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